Materiality, Technological Innovations and Architecture

Week 1.2

29th June 2020 - 3rd July 2020


Fourth Year B.Arch UA

Ar. Y. D. Pitkar

Ar. Shripad Bhalerao

Ar. Karan Danda

Ar. Juhi Prasad

Ar. Prerna Thacker

Technology has helped in the evolution of how spaces are imagined and subsequently designed for its users. Exploring and understanding the investigation of Materiality, Technology, Innovations and Form Development is a key part of Architectural study.

Taking inspiration from the core essences of these scientific advancements and innovations, the students designed an envelope or shell for a tennis stadium that houses two courts and viewing stands for the audience. Through this project, the students were introduced to newer dimensions o design and characteristics of materials.  It challenged them to think for long spanned spaces, and consider the different aspects of materiality that each technology has to offer.

Academy of Architecture

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