Stress on Culture, Strain of Structure:

Our Films, Their Films

Week 3.1

13th July 2020 - 17th July 2020


Fourth Year B.Arch UA


Ar. Rohit Shinkre

Ar. Shruti Barve

Ar. Amey Ghosalkar

Ar. Tushar Shetty

Er. Amodh Luman

Highlighting ‘cultural identity’ in Indian films, Satyajit Ray in ‘Our films, their films -what is wrong with Indian films’ argued in favour of placing content over style and relevance over glamour in cinema. He had a certain outlook towards cinema of both the west and the east.  Although it has been long since 1948, Ray’s views continue to be relevant to the present-day Indian context. 

With this project the students broadened their outlook and made an effort to understand Ray’s rationale towards cultural identity through cinema and subsequently formulated an assessment of its relevance when considering the conditions prevailing in present-day Indian cinema, in parallel with the conditions of Architecture prevalent in present-day India. 

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