Stress on Culture, Strain of Structure

Week 3.2

13th July 2020 - 17th July 2020


Fourth Year B.Arch UA


Ar. Rohit Shinkre

Ar. Shruti Barve

Ar. Amey Ghosalkar

Ar. Tushar Shetty

Er. Amodh Luman

In Architecture, stress and strain feature in two senses, in the analysis of the structure of buildings, and in the study of structural theory. To appreciate the enormity of the latter sense, imagine the photograph of Sachin Tendulkar raising his bat and his eyes, thanking to the heavens after successfully completing a dogged century against a formidable Aussie attack. His emotional expression exactly reflects the emotion expressed by every student of architecture upon successfully clearing the final Theory of Structures exam.  

Students through this week explained the first principles of structural mechanics, using graphic illustrations, teaching models and explanatory videos. These mediums ere used ith the aim of making the understanding of Theory of Structures, easier for their juniors, and themselves whenever next time they come across load transfers, forces, moments and other such principles.

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