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Writing Architecture

College Episodes

Studio Conductors

Ar. Swati Chokshi

Ar. Snehal Gaikwad

Architecture is considered to be the master of all art forms as it encompasses all aspects of science art and commerce. Most importantly, it is an expression of an Architect for the use/function of the masses and community at large.

Unlike other professions, the academic field of the architectural profession tends to focus less on research and documentation in comparison to the design exploration process. However, time and again we come to realise how research helps us to open up to newer horizons of designing and that it is an inevitable part of the pre design stage. 

The college project focuses on opening avenues in understanding/identifying areas of research, helping to develop analytical & critical thinking and ultimately converting it into a research proposal that culminates into a research project.

The CP also ventures into the different arenas of research and simple processes of starting and culminating a topic. It is aimed to understand the technical side of researching any topic and drawing hypotheses and conclusions from a study that makes it one’s own. The motive of the college project was also to develop a hypothesis that stems from a thorough study of a selected choice of an architectural topic. 

The students after evaluating the topics that interest them, were asked to further question the possibilities of how this study can transform into an elaborate design idea. The idea was also to develop the ability to frame thoughts, opinions and conclusions in a format presentable as a research document.

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