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Indian art

Vertical studio | College project

Studio Conductors

Ar.  Shruti Barve

Art in India and Art in the modern world means two very different things. Name and Peculiarities of individual artists are not relevant to appreciate the work of art produced in Indian tradition. All indian art has been produced by craftsmen following their guilds and traditions. Traditions are living in the true sense of the word. From folk art to high art of royal patronage all are bound in the same thread of philosophy. For lack of a better word we may call it Indian thought.

The College Project will attempt to understand ‘Indianness’ of Indian Art. Course will proceed in stimulating lectures detailing various aspects of Indian thought, Form meaning and content, conception of universe, craftsman and artist, revealing philosophy and culture of subcontinent through magnificent examples of art; be it literature, sculpture, architecture, painting. Tentative outline of the course would be as follows. This CP is aimed at the Indian Thought: understanding the Form and Meaning of Natyashastra, Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, Temple, Buddhist Art, Pahari Paintings, Nayak Nayikas, Motifs and Symbols, and Imagery in Meghdoot and other Indian Art forms.

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