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Nano Rurban Economy

College Episodes

Studio Conductors

Ar. Shekoba Sanap

Rapid urbanization has created many problems and now the world realises the extent of damage it has caused to the society, economy and livelihood in cities. This pandemic has resulted in damages to the monocentric urban economy aka 'city'. A city cannot be called smart until we care and secure the majority of the population staying in rural areas which accounts to about 69% of the total population according to the 2011 Census of India.

The current pandemic highlights our fragile economy, restrictive democracy and hence unplanned urbanization. Uncertain migration has come into the light resulting in high density areas, unhygienic living conditions, disproportionate infrastructure etc.


India is thus in need of more smart villages than smart cities because the sustainable development in villages can lead to thousands of nano economies in India.

The main intent of this exercise is to reason out causes for migration into the cities and understand the in depth aspirations of the rural population. 

After simultaneous research, an administrative and functional architectural module shall be proposed to develop a 'Nano economy'.

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