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Words on Mumbai to Bricks in Mumbai

College Projects

Studio Conductors

Saurin Desai

There are many brilliant novels, poems and film scripts that are about Mumbai where the writers have paid homage to our city. The brief aimed at getting inspired by some of these stories and using its central idea to design a conceptual built form. Students were asked to select one book( novel or a book of poems) and one movie where the story is based in or revolves around Mumbai. Students were expected to brainstorm and distill the essence of the story through conceptual sketches and try to transform it's essence into a built form. They were expected to come up with a write up at the end which described their journey from story to 'storey'.

The intent of the exercise was to get students to explore literature that is relatable to them, get them understand the core concepts, learn from it and apply it to their design.

The students through reading, brainstorming and transforming ideas, were able to see Architecture through a new lens: the lens of literature and learnt a new way to approach the process of designing.

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