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Concrete Chemistry

Vertical studio | College project

Studio Conductors

Ar. Bhavin Patel

Ar. Rishit Jain

This project aimed at exploring the analytical chemistry of concrete through weekly tests, experiments and scrutinizing the end product. It also had a micro-level understanding of concrete as a material and explored the possibilities of formwork design, preparing the desired mix for casting of concrete, experiencing different finishes & textures and the techniques involved in achieving the desired finish. The CP encouraged the culture of “learning by making” through collaborative and interactive experiences. 

The project was divided in 4 parts - Research, Experiment, Explore, Experience. 


1. Research: It aimed at understanding the analytical chemistry of concrete and its contents. Studying how different elements react to each other and why. 


2. Experiment : This was where the research part turned into execution. There was no particular product expected out of this exercise, it was more to understand how other elements react with concrete based on their chemical composition. 


3. Explore : Collective learnings from the previous exercise were listed down for the students to aim at visualizing/ creating the end product. Through this process they also got acquainted with the formwork making process. How concrete reacts to the properties of the formwork and the importance of formwork design? Post the formwork design, students cast the desired mix in their respective moulds. 


4. Experience : The products/ samples made were tested in the laboratory if required and further finishes were explored post de-shuttering the samples/ products. 

The biggest take - away was to have a chemical understanding of the material. It also made the students sink into the process of logical & analytical experimentation.

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