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A Calming Rendezvous

Built on a site surrounded by structures having great historic value, this public plaza and garden has been designed considering Siddhivinayak Temple and the upcoming business hotel and metro office. The intent of the designers was to respect and enhance the experience of each and every user which comes to the site by triggering their senses. Having various different types of users with different intent and purpose it was also important to zone the site such that each user has a great set of experiential qualities and at the same time making sure that the users are spread throughout the site and do not clutter in one particular area. The parametric edges makes the site inviting as it gives multiple entry points and distributes the users in different directions. It also creates areas and scope for the local street vendors.
The site is divided into two parts, one for the devotee’s coming to the temple and other is the public plaza and garden for the local residents, office staff and school going kids. Both of the areas are connected with organic paths that draw parallels from how people come to worship and pray at Siddhivinayak temple during their happy and sad times similarly the whole site has paths rising and descending, representing ups and down in life and having green scape along these paths bring a sense of calmness in people just like how God instills calmness and gives a sense of support. Having plants with different blooming times makes the site non-monotonous and gives different experience at each visit. It also caters to the visual and smell sensorial qualities. The paths are not only highlighted by the cove lights in the seating along these paths but also using swales which is a water channel system used to manage water runoff .Due to the presence of mounds in the site it becomes important to manage surface water runoff.

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