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Anubhav: Accentuating the liminal space by introducing a new different

Phenomenology is the manipulation of space, material, light and shadow to create a
memorable encounter through an impact on the human senses. This theory promotes the
integration of sensory perception as a function of a built form.
The term Phenomenology can be understood through different lenses like Human perception,
Emotional response, Object-User relation, Quality of space and Sense of Space.
Human perception is developed due to experiences based on conscious behaviour. Due to
repetitive experiences, these perceptions hold a core belief which becomes very strong in the
subconscious mind i.e, Conception.
Core beliefs based on emotions and experiences lead to forming an Opinion. Opinions which
are a very strong core beliefs can be termed as a Notion. While experiencing the space, core
beliefs or notions play an important role in determining the Quality of space.
This can be understood via. scale, material, temperature, sound which are based on
like listening, visual, olfactory, touch, taste. Space is an immaterial essence that can be
enveloped, creating a finite environment within the infinite. The introduction of an object can
define the space. The space which is formed gives an idea to the core belief user has and
develops the relation between object and the user.
-Contribution of an object to the Sense of Space
-When a new evidence cannot be accepted by the core belief, it creates a feeling that
contradicts the core idea.
Aims and Objectives
•Site is situated in the centre of this transit intersection so that a space in the last mile
connectivity, accentuating the nature of the place can be visualised.
•Varied edge conditions, different fabrics in the context, and diversity in user typology is
demanding a buffer space to accentuate the movement pattern.
•A common space for congregation can be imagined, focusing on the restoration of the old
character of the place which is getting redundant due to new development.

Sumit Gawali

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