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Build On Soul Academy

School is not just a requisite but also a lifestyle, for we are shaped there. Our thought process, ideas, creativity, confidence is all built there. While teachers are a big part of this, the space plays an equal, if not, bigger role.
In Build-On Soul Academy, we see the concept of Modularity. A standard module of 50 sq meter acts as the base area. And then we built upon it. Niches were added on to expand the space which are also multiples of the standard area. Niches increase the no. of activities that can happen in a room as they are additional spaces. Materials like concrete with timber nests in the ground floor niches, tinted glass in timber frames in the first floor and vertical timber louvers in the utility area niches are used. They create interesting spaces with filtered light. The jali wall in the periphery also filters light and also facilitates cross ventilation. These materials emphasize modularity while also enhancing a person's experience.

The low entrance below the admin amongst the columns is a gathering area just before one enters the learning spaces. The open to sky courtyards are filled with trees or water, which cool down the air. The landing on the staircase overlooks the water body while also acting as a gateway between studies and play. The skywalk connects the main building with MPH and dining while looking out on the play area. The garden and sand pits at the back and the green pits at the front of the school help expand the activities in a safe semi enclosed environment. These features act as buffer or pause points in the fast paced schedule of both teacher and student alike.

The stage in MPH opens out to the amphitheatre making it accessible to the entire community and not just students.

Vaishnavi Siddhapara
Manasa Ravikumar

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