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Casa cosmopolitan: Free. Fluid. Formidable.

The house design was purely a transitioning one which developed with the idea “why
can’t the external form develop into the internal spaces and create a spatial conglomeration”

The house design was a progressive development with elements of discovery,
exploration and hidden geometry coming into play, with spatial transitions happening all around changing orientations, levels and design inclinations. The house takes folds and
curves in such a manner that spaces under , above and around all serve a functional
purpose hence taking conceptual designing to a more wholistic level than just a facade.

The site around was naturally green with trees and it was taken as a part of architecture
than a hindrance and the house develops along the slope and its curves, even using the
trees present at site for gardens and courtyards, the entirety of the house was to merge with the site as a light design than build a concrete block and hence it augments the landscape with a free flowing design.

The house attempts to connect the user more to the site and the view of the lake ahead, which is where all the bedrooms face. There was also a keen sense of privacy
Maintained by using levels and layers to the design such that there is no invasion of the personal space of the family members and yet there is enough visual range to not downplay the scenic beauty of the site and the enhancing curves of the architecture of the house.

The design strongly attempts to support individuality of the family and yet propagate
common interaction space and hence the entire design is a spatial play of folding and
unfolding creating private and public spaces along and giving a very fluid essence to the house.

To conclude, the house was a design and interplay of form folding and flowing into one
another and in all this complexity creating a balanced, harmonious, fluid and rhythmic design. The intensive layering and levelling along the slope gives the intrinsic character
to the house and makes it a design which is dynamic and yet a collusion of space and a
home to live in. It’s a design that loops within itself , giving the family a sense of
limitlessness In a world of boxed homes and bordered areas, it attempts to be a house that feels more like a dream and an unending horizon than just a multifunctional space design.

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