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Celebrating Geometry

The main aim of the design was to understand the geometry of the ship’s outer form, factors affecting the overall form and using that geometry to develop the spaces showing the abstract form derived from the ship’s geometry.
It started with understanding the physical aspects affecting the geometry such as centre of gravity and centre of buoyancy which affects the amount of displaces water and self-weight of the ship. The righting movement of the ship, change in the volume, smooth curve to reduce resistance, angle of the bow affecting the hull speed.
Then developing the understanding of the geometry of the ship, it leads to the basic grid on which the arrangements of the circles and the lines leads to the 3d form of the ship. Then using the geometric grid, adding the personal experience of the ship such as the illusion of datum, experiencing opposite conditions on the either side of the surface, exploration due to accessibility, regular connectivity on both sides of surface, smooth transition of planes and strong directional lines leading our vision.
This all factors leads to an idea of continuous shearing transforming surface to maintain the continuity of spatial experience. Also, bamboo as a material helps to provide the stability and connectivity to the vernacular approach of the place.
This led to various activities like space for entrance, dynamic space for artworks, kinetic outdoor space for kinetic artworks, open library with visual connection to the actual site, workers people interaction space with central focusing space.
For adding the greater value of vernacularity, thatch is used for interlocking the bamboo which acts as a datum level at various spaces as well provides structural stability. So, overall, this project aims to the temporary art exhibition with the abstract idea of space developed from the geometry itself and experience all the spaces engaged with the building process of the ship.

Jayraj Mistry

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