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Chennai Low Rise

Chennai low rise was a design exercise in which we had to design considering various climatic aspects.
Climatic analysis was to be done in detail and understood how the climate works in the context, based on the analysis we have to give certain sustainable approaches for taking forward the design.
Study of wind, heat, monsoon effects were taken into consideration various techniques and approaches were understood which would work the best depending on how the climate acted during various period.
Beginning with the building orientation, buffer and open spaces, width of the passages was taken as per the heat gain and the direction the wind flows. Measures were taken to create pressure within the structure so as to have better circulation throughout the structure – use of passive cooling methods changing the opening sizes depending on the direction of the façade.
Sustainable materials and methods were used like bamboo and other green scape on the façade to keep the structure well ventilated and cool.
Entire structure and design were created in a way so that there was nominal use of mechanical methods, and the structure could give the best of use by natural methods used.
Thus, this design exercise taught a lot about understanding various natural approaches creating designing based on the context.

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