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Connecting Through Levels

The intent of this project is to create a facility centre which the locals of Narkanda feel connected to in their daily routine. The location of the site is at the city centre which is a major public location. It also is the first location in Narkanda for tourists to visit.
The design consists of a public bus stand, local shops of groceries, medicine, clothing and daily products which were relocated to the site from the old Market Street. The village panchayat offices are also provided in the structure which makes it a complete community space for the village.
The design concept focused on providing interconnectivity and visual throughout the structure. The site provides an ideal condition for designing in levels which can be visually interconnected.
The bus stand and ticketing centre are located on the first level and as we move down the tea stall, library and market plaza on either side are in order.
The lowest level consists of panchayat offices with open gathering spaces for the village communities.
The architecture blends with its surrounding context but the façade also stands out from it giving the structure it’s identity. The structure uses a distinct roof specially designed according to the levels under providing adequate sunlight throughout the day.
Designing in slope can be a challenge but provides a great opportunity for learning and innovation.

Siddharth Agrawal

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