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The narrative talks about the pandemic effect on adults as well as children. The rising need of being outdoors and experiencing more open spaces has led to the urge of carrying the daily activities outdoors as well. In case of adults, outdoor workspaces and spaces for relaxation are addressed. For children, an outdoor space to study as well as to play is considered. Thus, the program includes-
Play area for children
Library and work areas for adults
Spaces with no specific functions (open to interpretation-can be used meetings, exhibitions, etc)
The site being Chhatrapati Shivaji Park, Dadar deals with problems like congestion, overcrowding etc. A katta (seating) surrounding the park is the centre of all the activities which includes jogging, relaxing, exercising, meeting and chatting, etc.
The idea is decongest these activities and create separate spaces through various functions. The modules or the chunks of the program A, B and C would be repeated at locations over the site in order to avoid congestion at one place.
Form Development
The context of the site holds historic significance due to the art deco structures. Hence, the idea lies in adding this historic significance of the site to the design proposal as well thereby making the modules a part of the site. The geometry of the art deco structures are abstracted further into spatial configurations.

Anushka Satpalkar

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