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Envisaging Prabhadevi

Prabhadevi -Parel Railway Station is a Junction Railway station connecting The Central Line
& Western Line Railways stations of the Mumbai Suburban Railway in Mumbai, India.
It has two platforms, on which only slow trains halt.
The station can be accessed via various routes on either side of the station and is very well
connected to other parts of the city through various means of transport. The road network
and access to the station is not a directed route. The pathways are not paved and the main
roads and junctions experience heavy traffic and congestion, which creates inconvenience to
the commuters. Majority of the Region is under Mixed land use, where they have Retail
stores lines under Residential building. West Side giving fabric of Commercial where Eastside
giving the fabric of more Residential. In Eastern part of the site some of the Residential
buildings have their private ground in the centre of the society. Various amenities are
scattered in the West with the majority of them spotted near the periphery of the station.
The development is seen in both horizontal and vertical mixed use. This will direct the crowd
and hence, will reduce the unnecessary footfall happening on pedestrian pathways due to
The vision for the west was to create traffic calming approaches by proposing mixed
typology near transit with pedestrian friendly streets for walkability. Accessibility and
wayfinding was opted for Direction and making known of public transport around for
citizens. Mixed used typology and informal sector integration allows splitting of crows to
avoid unnecessary footfall by also keeping the active frontage of the building the same.

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