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Experiencing time

Starting with my family image, in simple words, there is a quality of time you need to spend before you get to know them. You need to take efforts to come close, to understand them, to spend time, and once you get attached with them then it's all about the whole new unseen cannot be explained but need to be experienced through spending time with them. It's to explore the things which already exists but it's our inability to see them. This isT due to the way they harmonize and deep interdependency between each other. This shows we don’t choose a path but we are attracted towards it.
This led to the considering the significance of time instead of accommodating function as the aim of the design, thus using time as a dimension of experience and perception. This shows that there is subjective duration of time experienced by the user which is different from the objective duration which is real time passed. Thus, I understood various factors that affects the quality of space wrt time such as shift in direction, effect of spatial scale, contextual change, cueing effect, expectations, temporal uncertainty, perception of stimuli, etc.
Major considerations were clustered formation,precinctual movement, off central radial organisation, transition space connectivity, horizontality, embedded into the slope, conscious spaces and elongated spaces. The process went like dividing the volume into the spaces, grouping and separating acc. To intimacy gradient, orienting acc to the views, changing the levels of the spaces, placing the volumes on the site slope, adding the connectors between the spaces and adding individual characteristics to each volume.
So overall this project aims to find a new experience at every new step as we move around the house, thus finding a new journey at every stop.

Jayraj Mistry

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