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Exploring Agriculture as a Profession for Urban Man

The best thing about nature is that you can reverse the damage done to it, to a specific point. Amount of organic waste is great imagine it going in soil and regenerating the soil, rather than sitting on landfill and making is more harmful than plastic. Imagine a situation where people are growing their own food in their own backyard or balconies and utilising each and every dead corner of their building. Now a days people in cities have lost their connection with the soil. People here tend to relax and enjoy services rather than working for it. Agriculture is one of the oldest profession. It has changed over time but in India it seems as if the syllabus has not developed. Institutions are still working with 80’s pattern. More concerning fact is the mentality of people regarding this profession. Increasing population creates demands for additional resources in cities. As a result, commodities become expensive making it difficult for urban people to manage their daily life and activities.
High rate of inflation due to the various exchanges between the farmers and consumer. There is almost a 50-100% increase in price in this process. The extremely high perishability rate of these imports guarantees that at least 1/3rd of the produce is unusable by the time it reaches the city. Urban agriculture can be one of the factors which decide the economic and social growth of a city. Advancement and innovations in food system can guarantee better life for its citizens. Thesis aims at creating an institute to further create an ecosystem which will empower urban youth, urban poor, women, children & elderly by providing them knowledge and skills to pursue urban agriculture as a socially acceptable job.
An agricultural institution will act as an initiation point for inducing element of agriculture in cities. This centre will be an authoritative body, which will govern all activities related to agriculture in urban setup. This centre will give opportunities for urban youth to Explore Agriculture as a profession just like any other job.

Pradeep Deepak

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