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Fable caravan

The exercise required of us choosing an envelope from an existing house, and maximising the utility and a sense of home in this limited space exploring each of the human activities as the day progress with utmost attention to details.

The space selected in my design was from “mango house by pka studio, Alibag”
A series of rooms was an exploration of a design which pays heed to all the requirements of a family, comfort and luxury along with space constraints interlacing the design. So the design exploration focuses on detailing the chosen envelope for each of the time slots taking care of each of the human requirements and designing as per the mood board that transients along the day.

It is a compact design on how you can direct fenestrations, furniture and orientations, lighting, colours and textures etc. to bring together a house for the comfort living of the user.

Hence emphasising on the title, which simplifies the complexity of it all:
It’s the story to every person
It’s a house for the living

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