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Ferry Terminal

The architectural design intervention was given a thought for ferry terminal design due to the
increasing needs of introducing newer modes of urban public connectivity. Ferry terminal came
out to be the optimum solution due to the existence of the water network of Mumbai and its
suburban areas. Thus, an intervention where ferries could be stationed and commuters could be
offered the boarding of the same.
The concept of the terminal involved the intervention of promenade with interactive mounds,
viewing decks towards the water frontage, central open to sky courtyard, tucked service spaces,
and elevated restaurant deck.
The promenades at the rear edge were supported by uneven spread of mounds to enhance and
uplift the experience of it, while the restaurant and waiting areas were tried to zone towards the
water, to allow and offer views and vistas towards the river and boarding bays of the ferries.
Moving towards the form exploration, where the roofs were inspired from the traditional boats of
India, which included the asymmetric pitched roofs with a unique structural system of composite
members of wood and steel plates.
Thus, an intervention of involving varied programs under one structure support one another that
could be better for social sustainability which at the same time would be economically viable too.

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