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Flux: Ideas, Alternations, Innovations

Although being one of the most cosmopolitan and activated junction of Mumbai, the Saat Rasta junction has a number of deformities be it the nature of retail experiences it provides or the disintegration of public and social lives in the neighbourhood creating paucity in the essence and experience that the site exhibits to its visitors.

Having undividable potential due to its location, the site can be developed into a catalyst, inviting people from around the city, for vibrant and integrated experiences by plurifunctionality and bending and blending the existing orders and incorporating Mumbai’s food culture as the main spine of the design.

FLUX aims at :

Playing around the public social and private social spaces
Connecting food to all the major functions of the design by altering the order.
Changing the generic perception of food street .
Integrating active and digital facade systems for visual communication.
Allowing different aspects of the programmes to exist individually and co-exist with response to other activities on site.
Manifest and Latency for unveiling the true potential of spaces and programmes.

Tejas Dholam
Kevin Shah

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