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Girgaum Re-evolution

Through this concept, the idea is to rediscover Girgaum Chowpatty waterfront, using bunds on the ground to stop the increasing stretch of the water and create a recreational space on those bunds.
The area during the day flood if increased covers the first bunding level. And the second recreational space becomes open to play.
Both of the level differences are of 1400 MM including the slope of the land and the bunding wall.

The main objective for the revolution proposal is to create a new image of not only the Girgaon Chowpatty beach but also the city & all the other water friends where Mumbai will be known with the water line extent.

An inclusive and unique landmark that glances to a future involved in its nature that is forgot for a long time.

The diagrams of the process try to explain how we came along the idea of creating bunds
At different levels and stop the level of plastic effluents and water tied till an extent giving play to the levels as well and disability access through ramps to the beach.

We have identified and analysed different beaches all over Mumbai and a water level rising for up to around 20 years from now which has become the driving concept for the project.

Analysis of how tourism is affected with unattractive skyline plus foul smell coming from these beach fronts due to the effluents getting stacked up at the nodes and edges is being done. It is noticed that these edges and fronts get loaded with tons of waste due to the slow getting more gentle bit time. And with time the slope says that water will occupy most of the beats and when everything will be submerged.

What is the one element that defines and wrecks Mumbai. For the city that is home to an estimated 20 million people Mumbai stands on a safety ground carved out of the Arabian Sea almost 200 years ago. The city was born when seven neighbouring islands were submerged through engineering exercises into a single landmass.
The prospect of the sea denting the land reclaimed from it is real for Mumbaikars.

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