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Green Euphoria

This landscape project focuses on Residential Landscaping with the site located in Ratnagiri,Maharashtra having a tropical type of climate.The design majorly focuses on different vegetation typologies and how the site around the plot area can be incorporated in the design also called as Borrowed Landscape.
Analysing the contoured site in terms of slope,elevation and hydrology,the structure is placed around the existing tree.The entrance is lined up with tropical shrubs which does not reveal the structure all at once.The patio at the back is provided for family gatherings which lead to a path of bamboo woodlands on the sides.The natural depression of the site is used as a seasonal waterbody while the open lawn area is provided at the the highest point on the site with good ventilation.The plot boundary is defined by shrubs with different foliages.The existing trees species are used to create small pocket of spaces where one can relax and recreate.
The use of vegetation typologies and their characteristic features such as tropical shrubs at the entrance or the bamboo screen along the pathway provide different experiences around the house with a family of nature lovers.

Diksha Lalwani

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