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Gyanendriya Wellness Centre

GYANENDRIYA WELLNESS CENTRE is an institutional project which aims to work around the sensory aspects of life to define the term Numinousity as well help, contribute & encourage the governing body of the laboratories to adopt technological yet sustainable approaches.

The primary user being the employees of the Reddy Labs, have lost a connect with the natural elements of the nature as seen constantly subjected to chemicals over the course of working hours. An attempt is made to retain this lost connect by revolving the design decisions around the sensory aspects. Approach towards material palette & curating spaces ensure that the sensory aspects blend in through the experience the design offers to the user.

The wellness centre not only comprise of specific functions, but also offers flexible spaces for the user to organically occupy them. This helps the user to self-define meditation for self, hence Numinousity is seen as a subjective terminology.

DEGREE OF OPENNESS : A hierarchy in openness is followed so as to have a flexible gradation n privacy of all functions.
DEGREE OF EXPOSURE : Spaces are such curated that each user has an opportunity to define his/her own bubble of space, hence making it comfortable for one to occupy the space.

The project uses an composite approach towards material selection. In-situ construction using earth block with minimal cement usage aims to limit the carbon emissions from the proposal. Passive cooling technique is converged with a modern cooling technique to obtain efficient & quick cooling solution. A built form with local materials ensure the durability of the project as a response to the hot & dry climate.

As a whole, the design proposal aims for a sustainable solution in order to regain the lost connect with the nature of the context.

Pradyumna Vikharankar

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