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House of the Twinning Trellis

The design deals with the creation of a solo space positioned on a 10m high cliff by the sea.
The design process goes via identifying qualities of individual spaces including contemplating, bathing, eating, cooking, sleeping and gathering spaces. The low level comprises the contemplating space and enclosed space for contemplation as an idea of music , art and merging acoustics.
an open space for socialising and cooking and a semi open space for eating that experiences a major play of trellis in the opposite direction forming a rhythmic curve towards the aesthetics of the exterior and light. The second level comprises a semi open sleeping space and an enclosed bathing/sanitizing space which are solely private but engaging with nature. The socialising space in the design is as to complement the setting , by the sea.
The design opens a fairly shaded and bright arena showcasing the play of mystic light in the form of caustics due to the proposed water pond, striking showers from the jali and twinning closure of pergolas at different levels. The sea facing facade is endured with pleasant sea acoustics with the warmth of the sunken fireplace and fascinating adventures of the 10m cliff winds.
The facade in itself is a whole , like a solid with a through and through cavity. This begins from the socializing space crossing a sitting area and again opening at the cooking and eating space.
the concept of caustic light in the existing context refers to the light that passes through a water source, that causes movement of light in its motion due to the very own fluid movement caused in water. This appears as a light effect experience via light entering in the continuity of the water source.

Karishma Kaur Hooda

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