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This institute campus is conceptualized on the principles, ideologies and life of Gandhiji by an
attempt to translate them into architectural form and experience. The ideologies that I have tried to
imbibe in the design are Conflict, Frugality, harmony, truthfulness.
This concept is followed along with the campus or an institute planning solutions which revolve
mainly around the circulation, zoning, massing, feasibility and most importantly an aura of an
Zoning is done keeping in mind 4 elements- Built form, open spaces, circulation spaces and public
spaces. Built form are scattered with individual departments. Central space is created by depression
of landmass creating conflict with the immediate surrounding. All functions are interspersed
between green cover. Radial approach is adopted which diverges in the manner of hierarchy.
Beyond the admin block, the site fans out to a central depression which is the most public space in
nature and acts as the focal point. The central depression is surrounded by the surrounding buildings
and also provide for a spill over space for the public buildings Accommodation Blocks and Institute
are at the edges for added privacy. Primary circulation is in the form of 2 ring roads wherein the
outer one is the service corridor and the inner one is the main circulation road. These 2 roads are
connected in between the institute buildings which creates separate bays for each institute building
and accommodation block. Service road caters all institutes and accommodation blocks and also
caters for future expansion. Main road is 2-way single laned with cycling lane Pedestrian Path is
covered with large canopy trees to protect from the harsh sun. cycling lane connects
accommodation block and institutes
Combining together all the concepts we arrive at a design solution which is hierarchical and respects
the importance of built spaces equally with the unbuilt spaces. Conflict is evident in the level
difference of the central space to the levelled ground. Harmony is achieved by providing ample
interventions to make the micro climate comfortable.
Light well in the centre of the building provides for natural light in the building where otherwise
artificial lighting would be required even during the day. It also adds to the aesthetics by giving the
advantage of having a green space at the bottom of light well

Extended overhang prevents the harsh south sun and direct light inside thus affecting the micro-
climate during summers

During winters as the sun is more inclined, the light is able to penetrate deeper and warms the
balcony and interiors
Courtyard depression creates a social and interactive space with flexibility to host numerous
activities and events. Ledges with tree for shade makes the micro-environment comfortable during
sunny days and during winters, the steps are exposed to the direct inclined sun
Ramps to move up and down make this accessible by all
Vehicular Street runs as a ring around the central plaza and facilitates vehicular - pedestrian - cyclist
movement. Two-way, single lane carriage way followed by a tree line to shade and act as barrier for
the cycling lane and ends with wide universally accessible footpath

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