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The site is positioned in the temple town of Moodabidri. The premises of the Jain Matt, that is the administration centre of Moodabidri under the instruction of Swami Ji. The design program is based on the deduction of the story of the Jain Matt. The Jain Matt had a very inviting gesture. The Swamiji served as a major source of information to us. The front part of the Matt is renovated for more people to come. Aartis are held and people also collect to attend the pravachan given by the muni.
Being an administrative center, it still imposes restrictions to access, like the Basadis. Only the priest /swamiji is allowed to access fully, partially restricted for Jains and fairly restricted for the commons. Also the Swamiji could guide us throughout and hold the power for the same.
Further an expression we created based on the deduction further which was translated in spatial elements. Form explorations were done carrying the same deduced idea of levels of restrictions. Major programs undertaken were the discourse area, toilet, visitor orientation, bookkeeping and reading space.The idea of Restriction was explored via restricting light, restriction due to height and walkability.Further the concept of virtual guidance, restricting vision and levels is explored. To an extent, the imposed deduction also depicted hierarchy in these spaces. The process is concluded with a space experience narrative and storyboard.
Mori: Surrounded by the green and giving out light on every rhythm of the falling water on the bordered space.
Visitor Orientation: Opening grand with an aesthetic testimonial, leading to a space with parallel sets of lancet windows facing each other creating the play of lights, both natural and artificial and further Ending till a dark theater like space. The library space is inviting to explore but physically inaccessible for visitors due to the manipulated heights of floor and roof against the human height. The discourse area shows difference in levels and flexible light inlets forms a spatial grid portraying hierarchy. Ended by the toilet space exploring different materials.

Karishma Kaur Hooda

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