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Maison en Vert

A residential landscape is a microcosm of the natural world, it is a place of vision and practise that represents the aspirations of people and of society they live in. The residential open spaces have been a symbolic space, over the sages, where the people strive to keep nature close in their daily and social lives.

This project is located in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra where a family consisting of a father, mother, daughter and son who live with their grandparents require a house which is not just a city house with 4 walls. Everyone in the family has different interests, jobs and requirements, they enjoy spending more time outside the house and would like to have an aesthetically pleasing and a functional landscape around them.

The site is analysed and is seen to have different contour levels where different functions and programs are developed. Different activities and functions are spread across the site and are provided for the family to cherish.
With the difference in levels, water bodies have been provided at different places in the site.
The family likes to keep themselves fit and active for which the proper pathway for an evening jog with meditation centers for personal time has been given around the site.
The mother and daughter are artists in different ways, for them open garden spaces, patio’s, stage and viewpoints are given in different positions for their presentation and performances.

Plantation and vegetation are an important part of an individual, they keep the surroundings fresh and aesthetically appealing. Therefore significant and different types of vegetation is given around the site for the user to stay in touch with nature and its essence.

Parth Bhutalia

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