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Meandering Curves

Location of the site is near Siddhivinayak temple. It is surrounded by various facilities such as Ravindra natya mandir, school, commercial complex, and upcoming hotel. And it also has a playground near the site, famous elephant junction and small lances to access the site.
The users near the site were mostly children, vendors, worshippers, travellers, working people, priests, etc. so according to users the spaces needed to make were for interaction, play, relaxing, informal meets, etc.
The concept behind the design was steps and curves. Steps are the architectural element of every structure in India. From temples to the building design steps play an important role. So, the design is based on having users feel different levels within the spaces which act as climbing staircases as well as sitting spaces. Curves give a sense of direction and act as a play element in the space. Ramp helped the site to divide the spaces into pockets where each pocket has different functions according to the needs of the users. Play of light and shadow is also seen in the design as it created an open space in the centre. Water element acts as a cooling element for the landscape. It makes the atmosphere cool for the users.
The site is divided as a calm and green space with a water element and other is play, fun and interaction space with various pocket spaces.

Vinay Ekkaldevi
Cinthia Khobragade
Sakshi Karule

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