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Metamorphmagi Studio

The exercise aimed at us deriving specific spatial interventions in a chosen envelope, which would be unique to all the time-frames of the day. The envelope that was chosen by me for this spatial study was from the House of Seasons, Kerala. The house exhibits a sloping roof and mezzanine floors. These became a part of my envelope. The mezzanine in the envelope provided an opportunity to create segregated functions in the studio-like unit, and the sloping roof gave a decent opportunity in terms of exploring skylights and an increase in overhead space.
The design exercise proliferated by the means of us looking at various layouts and coming up with multiple options about furniture placements, layouts of openings, material allocation, allied appliance requirements, and ambience/mood curation of the space.
In addition to this, coming up with ways of analyzing sunpaths, wind directions and viewing ranges helped in developing and narrowing down onto our final layouts. With a study as new as this, we ventured into incorporating light fixtures, artificial ventilation and tampering of a person's moods in accordance with these.
The final output of this exercise comprises a compacted portfolio which guides you through a 6 week long process of learning and developing a small time-specific program solely based on interior design.

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