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Mosaic: Fusion Delight

Our client, Sam has moved to a slow paced life at Goa from Hong Kong. He intends to incorporate the local culture of Hong Kong with the Goan culture thus creating a FUSION of various elements. The traditional porcelain artwork of the Hong Kong streets merged with the indian art of pottery to give an essence of this fusion. The food being served at the cafe is a vegan cuisine for which the vegetables are freshly grown in the kitchen garden. The cutlery used for serving food including the dishes, bowls, spoons made of porcelain can be bought by the customers.
The colors used in the cafe are vibrant which blend with the earthly colours of the vernacular seatings. Everything in the cafe is custom-made right from the tiles to the cutlery to the seatings.
The design aims to offer an authentic ambience of a Goan Cafe. This will help the cafe to blend in with the surroundings as well as standout with its unique approach. The ultimate aim of the design is to create a sense of a friendly retreat for the users, with vibrant community interactions.
The users should feel as if they have unearthed a hidden gem by visiting a cafe which they can carry with them, in the form of memories, for the rest of their lives.

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