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School is a learning abode, where children take lessons from history, get inspired from the present and explore things of the future.It is a building block of one’s own foundation, where learning of new things begins and grows. To learn new things ,basic foundational of understanding is very essential, and thus the proposal put forward is Nandanvan (Nandan- Happiness , van- forest) means Forest of Happiness. As we learn various things from nature and also nature is a tool to get childrens to experiance not just the wider world but also themselves. Hence this proposal is to build basic , something which is easy to understand yet thoughtful, simpler yet playful,monochromatic yet dramatic, where each and every place will behold a different experience for the user.
The main objective of the design is to create a child friendly environment and to improve the child school space relationship.
The intent was to create sustainable school design with the help of passive design strategies such as, open to sky courtyard, jali walls ,waterbodies,
providing natural light and ventilation,terrace garden etc that helps in energy conservation.

Shivanjay Bhagat
Abhishek Suryavanshi

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