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Negating Perception

‘NEGATING PERCEPTION’ is a Transient Exhibition Space , that contradicts the Prerequisite persona of the site by the viewer and opens new explorations with the articulation of Negative Spaces and Positive spaces in the frame of the various component of Traditional Uru Site in more of a Contemporary attire. The Exhibition operates without any artificial light settings , therefore , is accessible during Day time only.

The Narrative of the exhibition space was majorly developed by analysing the volumes of varied biotic and mechanical components that shape the site culture and activities. Along with volumetric study that was observed via the lenses of Dimensions , Location on site , Program and Type ( Organic / Mechanical / Storage ) ; research was also diverted to other genres such as , Circulation Pattern observed round the site , Variable and Invariable components and settings during progressive stages of Uru building , and Sun Path to orient the exhibition units in compliance to the sun light , hence eradicate the requirement of any artificial lighting during the day.

The Exhibits illustrate the abstraction of contradictory relationship amongst volumes on the site. Segregation amidst the site volumes were made ; Vegetation , Machinery , and Supports ( props involved in stabilizing the ship ) , which were progressed with final modelling of the enclosed representative installations , namely , VEGETATION : V1 , V2 ; MACHINERY : M1, M2 ; and SUPPORTS . Whereas , Experiential exhibits are namely , WALK - A - WAY , wherein , the wooden framed doorways with certain obstructive form enabled the person to experience of walking between the props and supports of Uru ; WATER - WAYS , an acrylic platform in river in vicinity to the shore composed from abstracted volumes , that provided the natural tinge of interaction between the water body and the person ; and APEX , the tallest component of the exhibition will help ushering the viewer visually throughout the exhibition site at one spot. Other components involve RESTING SPACE , DISPLAY SCREEN , PANELS and INTRODUCTORY UNIT.

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