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New Fish Market at Sassoon Docks

The New Fish Market at Sasson Dock is designed to replace the existing dilapidated Fish Market. The
market is designed to meet the present demands of fish processing and selling in a modern and
elegant fashion. The building also acts as a spot for several tourists who visit Sasson Dock due to its
rich cultural significance. The facility aims to seamlessly integrate tourist-friendly activities and more
functional requirements of the fish market and the port.
The site is located in Sassoon Dock an active Fishing Port which is open to the public and tourist. The
site is positioned at the edge of the road and the sea, making it essential for the new structure to
maintain a connection between land, sea and the horizon. Being an active port, the edge is used for
unloading and segregation activities, making it essential to maintain this functionality.
Therefore, the building aims to maximize the connection with the edge and maintain the functionality
of the daily bustle of the unloading activities performed at the border. The building mass is divided
into two buildings, the more functional fish market building and the more experiential building
housing the restaurants and a gallery expressing the rich cultural heritage of the fishing community at
Sassoon Dock. Both the buildings are shaped to create a plaza in-between, which acts as a social glue
to the various programs. The plaza is a multi-functional space and can be used as an extension to the
fish market, used by tourists as a viewing point and a gathering space for various fish food festivals
held by the Koli community.
The entrance to the market is at the start of the plaza, while the tourist building is deeper-seated to
drive the within site and increase the circulation experience. The market building is made highly
porous on the ground floor to allow vistas to the sea all the time. Material stone is selected as an
appropriate material as its inert qualities express the timeless nature of the fishing community in
Mumbai. The building form balances the inert stone to give a contemporary but timeless aesthetic to
the complex.

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