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Villa in Palms, Goa , by Abraham Architects , is a clear example of nature amalgamating with modern architecture. The space designed originally was a composition of dining, service kitchen, servant’s room and garage. Designing the space according to different time zone not only created different ambience but also different moods. The activities in different time zones had different compositions resulting in focusing on certain kind of spaces. The morning routine included basic eating and freshen up activities. The kind of color palate used emphasized on more of a fresh and energizing start. The design included a large bedroom accompanied with washrooms and kitchen. The openings provided, ensures enough cross ventilation and light requirement of individual spaces according to the functions. The noon time is much of a comfort and relaxation period. Hence, the furniture layout and the focus space is more about eating, watching and resting areas. The time post noon focuses on productive work time and self time, hence having work desk, library and resting spaces . The ambience created has a vintage look. The openings ensures to have a diffused and comfortable light to create a working atmosphere. The evening time again has some bright and open spaces for ‘me time’. The mood of this time is such that, it boosts up the energy and ensure fun activities. The color and material pallet used here are vibrant and bright. The space is lit up with additional lights. The night time mainly focusses on family interactions and resting spaces. There is a diffused set of lights and no natural lighting. The theme of the space is dark, in order to show cozy and comfortable space. The spaces include dinning, bedroom and bathrooms. Thus this exercise helped in understanding how different spaces function at different time intervals. Also the impact of color and texture played a very important role in the overall ambience of the space.

Vaibhavi Tolamatti

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