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The Design exercise intended the students to design the interiors of a builder’s office located in Worli in the city of Mumbai. Parsh Group an upcoming developers firm was considered as the client for the same.
‘Living in Nature’ was the main motto of the firm was considered as the basis for the design exercise. Thus, Sustainability and Green Spaces where the main design considerations. The intended in designing the interiors was to give the clients or the users a complete feel of the intend of the firm and develop a strong relationship between the Developer and the Customer. Transparency in terms of spaces, materials, structural members was used to develop the trust of the users. The key element of the design was the play of natural light along with water and glass to develop the feeling of seeing the horizon within the design.
The Spaces have been arranged based on the Intimacy Gradient and also considering the Movement of the users within the spaces. The Discussion and Breakout spaces help to create interactive units to increase bonding within the people. Lastly, one can see a play of natural materials along with luxurious marbles and tiles to give a feeling of luxury and being connected to nature. The play of pastel shades and light further added to the beauty.
All in all, the design exercise helped to understand the how simple things can if utilised correctly can make magical spaces and designs. It also helped to get first-hand knowledge on market requirements, costs and trends existing in the present moment.

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