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The brief guided the students to identify pre-existing structures, in and around our localities and conduct a brief analysis of the same, taking into account the climatic conditions as well as noise levels. In this case, the Somaiya School, Vidyavihar, while located in a quiet area of the campus, faced a lot of problems with overheating of the entire premises, as it was built to be an airconditioned structure.
The redesign of the facade aims to rectify these same issues, without altering the main structure of the building. By making use of materials like jute mesh to replace the fixed glass windows, more openings are provided to improve the ventilation in the entire institute. The increased overhangs also help reduce the direct sunlight, and thus the heat.
The design makes use of repetitions of the same modules, in different permutations and combinations, all of which vary based on the functions of the rooms.

Iqra Shaikh

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