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Primary School

The proposal for the primary school looked at a different approach for creating spaces. The entire
design revolved around creating multi-functional and flexible spaces since the site was a small plot of
under 2000 sqm. To maximise the use of space in the small site, all parts of the site have been activated
to allow some sort of function to take place.
The central courtyard is bound by the structure on one side and an existing 4.5 m high compound wall
on the other. This created a safe and a private space for the children to play in. The entry to the
building also directly opens into the courtyard and not into a closed corridor. This creates a constant
connect with the open space. The singly loaded corridor also acts as a seating and viewing area
overlooking the performance stage.
The design also contained multiple flexible and column-free spaces on alternate floors apart from the
formal classrooms. All co-curricular activities could take place in these spaces. To achieve column free
spaces on alternate floors, the design incorporated Vierendeel girders to achieve long spans.
The mandatory front open spaces are also efficiently used by creating an interactive compound wall
and a landscaping niche which creates informal collaborative spaces.

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