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STORY : Chavadi is a public place which is outside the house; like a gate. It is a ‘U’ shaped gate, where the Patana Shete (owner) does his business discussions with common people; merchants, vendors, traders, etc. The owner of the house used to sit on the higher level of the chavadi as he was on a high position in the society. He belongs to high class. The traders and common people on the other hand used to sit at a lower level (ground). This leaves some traces of social hierarchy.

OBSERVATION : It show difference on a common ground. The plinth level on with both the entities sit on are at different levels, this creates a difference between the two. But the give and take between these to entities (higher and lower) depicts a symbiotic relation.

CONCLUSION : Both the entities have different values but also share a symbiotic relation with each other where the chavadi (levels) creates a boundary between the two.

DEDUCTION : Two entities having different values along with symbiotic relation.

Abhishek Suryavanshi

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