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With an environment conducive to learning, the lush green, 200 acres, the eco-friendly campus is located at Sadashivpet, about 60 kms (37 miles) from the main city of Hyderabad. The site is in the core of the campus with the college towards the east and student and teacher’s accommodation towards the south and south-west. Thus, the site has the potential to behave as a bridging element between the two realms. The entire campus is a mix of varied architectural scales and every building stands out because of the same as an impact of which the built-form can profoundly communicate with the architecture around and with the users.

The spaces are curated such that they relax one resulting in better thinking along with improvement of workmanship and efficiency. The built and unbuilt have a well-maintained proportion which aids the sense of harmony. Nature plays an important role in and around the built-form. It allows an individual to enjoy his company as well. The space allows interaction between students of different streams which is not possible anywhere else in the campus. Also, the spaces are better than the classrooms in terms of natural light and ventilation. Unlike the main study areas, the library and surroundings are more comfortable and informal (unlike many libraries which are very formal)

The curation of spaces is such that vertical studios can happen and it allows public interaction and communication. The main college campus is universally accessible so is this LIBRARY AND RESOURCE CENTRE, such that students can traverse using skate boards, cycles with full freedom. The macro and micro climates are well-maintained thus evoking the sense of belonging, sense of integrity. The built-form is more like a community center where people can knit new relationships and learn more.

Shruti Sahasrabudhe

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