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Saorsa House

The exercise was introduced to understand the spatial organisation of and designing an already furnished part of an envelope.The Hamsa House designed by Ar Chitra Vishwanath was abstracted into platonic minimal forms and volumes which formed a ‘series of rooms’. The largest of the rooms was used as a ‘shell’ for the entire exercise.
Static-dynamic spaces were analysed in diagrams wrt curated functional scenario activities of 5 slots of 6 - 9 , 9-12 , 12 - 15 , 15 20 , 20 - 23 hr of the day.Further to explore opening options wrt furniture layout, sunpath , diagrams, views, functional use, skylights, ventilation , the quality of light in depth study and various explorations were done for the same.Then to analyse these opening plans wrt views, natural light coming in, wind flow through it, heat factor of
openings defined parameters (size, shape) as in previous and rerun analytical simulation were changed.Finally the look and feel for that room per scene was set.
The exercise focussed on designing the already built spaces and transforming them to fit ourselves into them for a dedicated schedule which is different to the original plans taken.The activities and time slots were divided and zoned as particular spaces that would engage with our requirements and comforts of ourselves.

Prathishtha V. Johar

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