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Secure within the insecure

The project was started with the deduction as ‘insecurity’ derived from the story selected. Even though the base was to express ‘insecurity’ the spaces are designed keeping in mind the site and its context. The site is Jain math and the spaces designed fit inside the already standing structure. The green facade is chosen in order to cut out the noise from the road and make it look unique in its setting at the same time not looking out of place. The spaces are designed in a manner that they make the user feel tranquility and the pure soul of Moodbidri’s rich culture. The roof is made up of a look one-way glass and the person walking on top can see the activities going on beneath giving a sense of insecurity but at the same time it creates curiosity in each person. The movement through the spaces is designed with a balance of increased community interaction and finding a little solace for yourself.

Overall it aims at awakening spiritual feelings in the user visiting the math and expose him to the Moodbidri’s culture and scenic views.

Bhoomika Chaudhari

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