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Shivai park public intervention

Due to the ongoing rise and population there is a absences of space for leisure activates, this project aims to get people together looking for space overlooking the nature scenic view , the reason behind this project to make space for people of all age group coming to shivaji park performing different actives under one guided and secured roof.
Sadly, there is a lack of such dedicated spaces in and around the context. People would be benefited to enjoy activates that are well regulated and architecturally thought out.
The structure is placed near the beach as the borrowed landscape to make the place very attractive.
The program also includes the 3 main aspects:
An Informal seating in the library is incorporated, with working spaces, open deck on which one can read and enjoy the fresh air. With an adjoining café, one can also eat in the café and relax.
Wellness includes all kinds of healing; includes fitness which can be segregated into mental and physical healing.
Café for people who come around for the famous scenic view and for its beautiful deck with the garden.
This structure can be easily dismantled and upheld elsewhere onto spaces such as Shivaji Park, beach facing view.
The Structure is made up of steel, which is a highly eco-friendly material used like terracotta.
The concept of a Library, Fitness centre and a café overlooking the scenic view is desperately needed to enhance the context and value of Shivaji Park. Usually people who go there for such activates either do not have a clean place to sit, to exercise and read while relaxing. This project deems as the perfect dream outlet for all the activates in one place; the heart of Mumbai.

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