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The site is located in the small village of Bangar, was majorly disconnected to the World except by one Bridge that establishes its connection to the rest of the world. This village is located in the Pauri Garhwal District, in the state of Uttarakhand.

Bangar has a different idea of Culture compared to ours. Their culture is not defined by Arts, Dance, Craft, Music or Literature; But a deeper understanding of culture between villagers.
There is 200 years of knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga in the village.

Shri Yantra is an Instrument that was almost hung in every other house of the village, respecting the Goddess Shakti, the other half of the Lord of the Village, ie. Lord Shiva. This instrument brings prosperity and harmony to the family and whole village, according to the villagers.
Understanding the Yantra
Yantra= Yantran
Yam + Tran
(Instrument) + (Release from Bondage)
An instrument/tool, for Meditation & Contemplation that supports spiritual liberation. Symbol of the Divine Mother: Shakti; ie. source of all energy, power & creativity

Site for three set of users: Locals, Cattle, Tourists
Issue: Youth leaving Bangar for better Job Opportunities
Idea: To sustain the livelihood of villagers and to prevent migration of younger generations by generating income through years of Culture and Heritage and also preserving it.

To make the downward economic cycle to an upward economic cycle.

Spaces like kitchen help in post production of harvest and hence boosting the economy. The ayurveda lab helps in making the medicines allowing the tourists to purchase & giving the villagers job opportunities by preserving culture. Spaces are an amalgamation of the urban and rural users making both feel comfortable and welcomed.

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