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Staycation Villa

A group of friends (10-12) from a school of music are meeting after a decade. They all are in different parts of the world with busy schedules but have managed to carve out this weekend for a mini reunion. While they are looking forward to spend time together, also need the flexibility to be able to cut off from the group when needed. It would be better if all rooms are equally spacious and have very similar facilities.
Hint: Entertainment and music is something that the group doesn’t want to compromise on.
The above was the brief for the project. Since they were coming to spend a weekend as a group after 10 years so we interpreted it to be just like a reunion to reconnect to those days and memories . So they will spend maximum time as a group but at the same time they should be easily accessible to a cutoff and move into their personal space but they can be connected to the group visually or through sound. Our interpretation of the brief where we jotted down the keywords from the brief like musician, connect-disconnect, etc and we made an activity chart for 2 days which helped us plan the spaces and activities to be assigned to them. To our inference through concept and activity chart we divided the house into 60 % public spaces and 40% private or 30 % private and 10 % semi-private spaces. After listing down the characteristics of a musician and his/her likes dislikes we concluded to exposed material usage of brick and concrete again in 60-40% percentage with wood and ips flooring with metal as the highlight of the dull looking interiors and used it as specific places like staircase, electrical conduits, and bathroom sanitary fittings. The concept and activity procedure in the very beginning drove the entire design journey.

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