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Doodling is the act of creating circles and drawings, in an unconscious or unfocused manner, it's something that is not taught and is a very instinctive art form. The name 'Stoodle' is an amalgamation of the words students and doodle. Organic curves and free-flowing form makes the structure a seamless design. The school's layout and design are an outcome of the amalgamation of pedagogy and study about child psychology. Open spaces were introduced to allow free movement in the space while keeping in mind a child's nature to roam freely in mind.It is said that a child learns well when surrounded by interactive spaces. The structure, even though separated into different modules, is still connected with the other spaces To reduce disturbance and chaos there is a play of levels. The main aim was to connect the interiors with the landscape around. Considering the hot climate of Patna, a green roof was added, in order to make the school look one with the surroundings, the spaces are segregated on the basis of their function, i.e. administrative module, curricular study module, and a community module on one level and activity spaces below the ground level. The play of levels creates collaborative, interactive, and multifunctional spaces also creating a connection between the spaces.Even some of the spaces are collaborative, interactive and multifunctional.A classroom module can be modified to a gallery for exhibition and also as restrooms during national games.Multipurpose can be modified as per the functions.

Kimaya Churi Rohit Chopade Sairaj Halpatrao

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