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SYNERGY is a Hostel designed for Post Graduate Medical students of Yenepoya University, Mangalore.
Hostels play a very important role in building up oneself and adds to our college memories. SYNERGY ensures this. It aims to add interactive niches in a usually disconnected vertical living. Since the user group have common interests, these pockets would help the ‘Bond and Grow together’; SYNERGY. These act as green sit-out space provided after every 4 floors, where people can exercise, read a book, enjoy Mangalore’s monsoon weather, discuss some clinical concepts with other classmates, or go for a walk after a hearty dinner. These green pockets also add to the elevation, creating a play of solids and voids.
The Hostel craters to 3 typologies of user groups:
Family (2 BHK Accommodation)
Couple (1 BHK Accommodation)
Bachelors (Twin Sharing Accommodation)
Each unit in consciously designed for these situations; For instance, Family 2 BHK is designed as a Duplex with a bedroom above, so that the student from the family study without being disturbed while rest of the family have their movie time.
Also, the lifestyle of Bachelors is completely different from that of the Families and Couples. So, to segregate these user groups, the form of the hostel is chosen in such a way that it creates 2 arms with a common junction. This junction accommodates Common Activity Spaces.
A small talk while passing by, or sharing food , or chit-chatting on a peaceful summer evening; Enjoying hot coffee with family on a winter morning, having chai-bhajiya’s in monsoon….All of these help us bond with the neighbors.
‘SYNERGY’ helps to have this hostel family.

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