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The Bohemian Nest

The studio house explores in making most of the space available by maintaining the feeling that the client Jeet wants. The space is warm and inviting. The entire house is a reflection of his contemporary lifestyle with a touch of his traditional heritage.
Since he works as a graphic designer and he designs human art, he needs more of a liberating and free space. This is taken into consideration in the design with the spaces having buffer spaces yet being informal extensions of one another. This informal extension reminds him of his traditional house where multiple interactions were possible.
Furthermore,to match his calm personality a warm tranquil colour scheme is selected with varying textures and looks which mingle through the space.
The smaller space doesn't mean a compromise in storage! With his passion for exploring and reading, the furniture has been designed in such a way that they look clean from outside but can store items inside.
The Partitions are also used in an efficient way to either store or anchor things.
Abiding to these facets of his personality and the requirements, the design was further evolved
Entering the house the user is treated with the semi open Verandah which embarks a fresh look with planters and a swing. The spaces
are zoned in a way that when the partition is opened the living space and the verandah blow up in one space.
The space can be used for formal meeting with clients as well as informally when his friends come over. Jeet would love to sing his favourite songs while his friends are humming to the song in the extended space. The sleeping space is in continuation with living space but the bed(furniture) is extended to form an informal division. The kitchen is provided its own dedicated space for jeet to explore new dishes. The counter is extended to form the dining and hence a central space is freed up. Due to this setting, the entire house has a central free space

The extensive use of cane furniture reminds him of the Charpoy at his hometown. The use of warm colours reflect the essence of mitti. But with a blend of varied monotonous textures, lightings, furniture styles, Jeet’s abode gets its own fresh clean contemporary look that he had wished for.

Ameya Thanawala

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