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The Cinema Booth Cafe

The client Sam had decided to leave the corporate world and move to a slow paced life and start his new dream life.His passion for food,music and cinema has led him to combine all three as he steps into his new life.

The Cafe has different movie booths with classic movies playing throughout the day with a music and bar area in one corner. It is the perfect place for movie and music enthusiasts to spend their day and just hang around.The retail part showcases the owner’s unique and limited collection and DVD’s and vinyls which the customers can either rent or buy.

The first floor offers a common movie watching experience with a projector screen and a live counter serving the viewers.

All the furniture has been specifically designed keeping the experience in mind.The overall vibe of the place is very laid back and casual just like the lifestyle in Goa.There is an intentional use of specific materials and colour palette giving the place its rustic and vintage feel.

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